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We reveal our three Faces of The Ageless Generation

25 June 2013 News from Playtex

We recently conducted a study that dispelled outdated myths about the UK’s 50+ women and unearthed an Ageless Generation. This is a Generation of women who shatter existing myths around their relationships with husbands, partners and daughters as well as their desire to keep fit, to look attractive and sexy, with many re-training and re-inventing themselves as they get older. 

To celebrate, Linda Barker joined us to launch a search to find three women that represent this Ageless Generation.

Nominations came pouring in from all across the country and Una, Shirley and Alison were selected by our panel of judges included Linda Barker, influential female blogger Ceri Wheeldon, Editor of ‘Fab After Fifty’, as well as fashion experts from Debenhams. As Linda Barker commented, “We selected Una, Shirley and Alison to represent The Ageless Generation because they shatter the out-dated notions that older women can only look forward to a life of sensible underwear and a pair of comfy slippers. All three ladies are vivacious, positive about life and adventurous, they represent what today’s 50+ women are all about”.


The entries we received demonstrate that women should not be defined by age anymore. It has been incredible to see that so many women in their 50s are enjoying life more than ever, and we’re extremely proud to be able to celebrate The Ageless Generation. 


Una, Shirley and Alison were awarded the ultimate prize to celebrate their fabulousness. Not only did they star in a professional photo shoot styled by Debenham’s personal shopper, the three winners were treated to a bespoke make-up consultation with the experts from bareMinerals. You can see more of their images and read their stories below. 


Una caught our eye after an emotional entry from her niece, which described her ability to remain courageous in the face of adversity; When her sister died from addiction, Una helped raise her and now works as a volunteer for the charity ‘Crisis’, and with those who suffer from addiction. 

What’s more, we found her go-getting attitude towards life really inspiring and one of the best examples of our Ageless Generation. As well as learning how to play the saxophone, Una plays in cuban band gigs and dances. This September, she will also begin a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents University in London. "Life is as big as you want it to be" was her text to friends and family as she bombed over the Grand Canyon’s glass bottom bridge in Australia last year!

And here she is at the photo shoot with Linda Barker. Well done Una!



Shirley opened her entry form with “On my 50th Birthday I made a conscious decision to start saying 'yes' to opportunities instead of my old pattern of 'no'. It has changed my life”. 

We read her story and found another inspiring lady doing things outside her comfort zone. Since turning 50 Shirley has enrolled in a drama course, joined a gym, got fit and has taken part in extreme sports including White Water Rafting, Go-Carting, Go-Ape and - in her own words “best of all” - Jet Skiing! She even finds the time (and the energy!) to help others in the community – Shirley became a member of Saffron Walden Teenage Cancer Trust and to date has raised over £180,000 for the Teenage Cancer Unit at Abbenbrookes hospital. No doubt she is a perfect example of our Ageless generation.

Here’s Shirley at the photo shoot with Linda Barker. Well done, Shirley!



Alison inspired us and the judges with her sense of independence, re-invention and most importantly her perseverance. “Since I turned 50 five years ago, my life has completely changed for the amazing. I discovered social networking and I am now fulfilling all the dreams I had 35 years ago when I wanted to be a music journalist!” 

Music has always been Alison’s passion and thanks to Facebook, her music writing was recently 'discovered' online. Alison is now contributing interviews and concert & albums reviews to a rock magazine and four music websites as well as working full time and having a hectic social life! Alison is living example that we should never give up on our dreams and passions, at any age.

Here’s Alison with Linda Barker at the photo shoot. Well done Alison!

Are you Fabulous over 50?

14 March 2013 News from Playtex


Here at Playtex we are passionate about our consumers and we suspected there were lots of misconceptions around women over 50. So we decided to fight these misconceptions and celebrate our lovely women. This is why we have commissioned research with 1000 ladies over 50, asking them about their lives including their sporting activities, relationships and shopping habits. Some of the key statistics include; 

93% of over 50’s women say their outlook is different to that of their mothers of the same age, 

48% say they are more confident since turning 50, 

50% say they wear matching lingerie sets to make them feel sexy. 

This research helps show that these women are vivacious, confident, positive and more ambitious and adventurous than ever before and that an Ageless Generation has been born.

Linda Barker

To celebrate how fabulous the fifty plus age group really is, we have launched a nationwide search to find The Face of The Ageless Generation. Working with Linda Barker, Playtex will scour the nation for three women who embody all that’s fantastic about the over fifties.


Rather than being a traditional model competition (winners will not be expected to pose in their lingerie at any point in the campaign), the three winners will be selected based on how well they reflect just how fabulous, positive, stylish, confident, and amazing this Ageless Generation can be. Could it be you? Do you always light up the room when they walk in? Do you  do lots of charity work? Do you crave adventure and trying new things or want to retrain and reinvent yourself? Do you juggle a career, family, hobbies and friends and never miss a beat?


Whether it’s you, your sister, or best friend, or you want to nominate your mum, auntie or gran tell us what makes them eligible to win! 


The three winners of ‘The Ageless Generation’ search will be awarded the ultimate prize to celebrate their fabulousness; 

A fully clothed photo shoot where they will be styled by a team of professionals, 

An outfit to keep from the shoot (supplied by Debenhams)

A Playtex lingerie wardrobe

Plus the photos from their shoot will take pride of place on both the Playtex website and the Playtex UK & Ireland Facebook page.


To enter the competition or nominate someone else please visit the Playtex UK & Ireland Facebook page, or for a postal entry form please send an email to and you will get an automatic email response with the postal entry form as an attachment.

This competition closed at 4pm on 26th April 2013. Full terms and conditions are available on the Playtex UK & Ireland Facebook page and are included on the postal entry form.


Good Luck!


The shape of things to come

19 June 2012 News from Playtex

In celebration of Playtex's new innovation in shapewear, Objective 1 Size Down, Stella Journalist Leah Hardy has decided to test the claims of cm loss and cellulite reduction for herself by taking the 28-day challenge!

This extract is from Leah’s first report from her challenge in Stella magazine on 17th June 2012 “I was expecting to have to fight my way into them, but they slip on effortlessly. But the real miracle of Playtex Objective 1 Size Down is not just that it makes you instantly slimmer and firmer, but that it actually works to change your body. Rather than being just an instant solution, it offers long-term effects. In 28 days, cellulite can be reduced, and you can drop a centimetre from your hips and thighs.”

Objective 1 Size Down in Stella Magazine, 17th June 2012

Don’t miss the next update from Leah’s challenge in Stella magazine with the Sunday Telegraph on 24th June, with updates on how she is getting on every week until 15th July.

 Why not take the 28-day challenge yourself? Enter a competition to win a set of Objective 1 Size Down shapewear, at 

For more information on the Objective 1 Size Down range please click here

Introducing Tonique Contour - The Bra that rewinds time!

29 February 2012 News from Playtex

Introducing Tonique Contour from Playtex - The bra that rewinds time and promises an instantly younger looking bust!

We’re delighted to reveal our new Playtex bra that promises you a younger, firmer looking bust and enhanced silhouette, WITH maximum comfort but WITHOUT underwire.

Tonique Contour from Playtex in black

The revolutionary new wireless innovation in our Tonique Contour bra uses patented technology to support your bust and enhance the natural shape of your chest.  For the first time, the groundbreaking new bra uses a clever ‘flexi-support’ panel, instead of an underwire, to lightly support the sides and underneath of your bust. And all this means you achieve a firmer, more youthful looking bust and enhanced silhouette.  What’s more, the gentle shape and light padding, promises maximum comfort for women everywhere.  
Tonique Contour from Playtex in skin
But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve tested it on real women in the UK and 97% liked the shape Tonique Contour gave their bust, 93% would recommend it to a friend, 80% agreed that it is more comfortable than a standard underwire bra and 70%* agree that the new Playtex Tonique Contour bra takes years off the look of their bust.

View the Tonique Contour here

Click here to BUY NOW

* Research conducted indepently amoungst women aged 40 to 60 years old during a month long trial in November 2011.

Mary Portas Recommends Playtex!

23 August 2011 News from Playtex

 Here at Playtex we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with fashion and
retail guru Mary Portas to present a stylish new range that works with her new
fashion and accessories collection. The result is the limited edition “Mary
Portas Recommends Playtex” collection, a range of chic yet practical designs
that provide the perfect foundation to Mary’s stylish new collection aimed at grown-up

Mary Portas Recommends Playtex

Mary Portas commented: “Good, well fitted lingerie is absolutely key to any look –
it’s all about getting the foundations right. But comfort doesn’t have to mean a
compromise on style, and Playtex has designed two gorgeous new styles that
combine fit, support and comfort with stylish glamour to perfectly complement
my new fashion range.”

The limited edition “Mary Portas Recommends Playtex” range combines pretty
detailing with natural shapes to deliver a fabulously feminine silhouette with
all the comfort, fit and support the linge
 rie brand is famous for.


The Satiny Lace (bra and briefs) features pretty, stretchy lace and comes in a choice of black
or multi-coloured ivory, and the Delicate Embroidery (bra and briefs) features delicate
tulle with two-tone embroidery in a choice of mink
 & pink and
multi-coloured ivory.

The "Mary Portas Recommends Playtex" is available from House of Fraser and Independent Lingerie Retailers.

View the collection here

Fitting Lynda Bellingham!

2 August 2011 News from Playtex

Our Playtex fitting expert Emma was lucky enough to meet Lynda Bellingham recently. Lynda was fitted into Playtex and loves our Lace Décor and Flower Lace. Whilst Emma was there she caught up with Lynda to talk about all things lingerie!

 Lynda Bellingham and our fitter Emma!

As we get older, our attitudes to fashion and our own body shapes change. How do you think yours have changed? And how do you continue to feel sexy as a 50+ woman?
I feel that my body has changed with age, and this includes my breasts which are now a different size to when I was younger. Also the skin on my chest is not as elastic as it once was.  In a bra I look for something to help correct and to help with the problems, as I want to look as good as I feel but do not what surgery.  I like pretty bras but they need to be supportive and comfortable. Ideally I like  bras that give a shape and structure but with soft edges.


Do you find bra buying a different experience as a 50+ woman compared to when you were younger? And if so, why?

When I was younger buying a bra was very different and much easier. I could just walk into a shop and pick up a bra that roughly fitted. I was looking for very different things from my lingerie then – it was all about cleavage. Now I want to look my best and this means it has to fit correctly and be supportive whilst giving a nice natural shape.

Until I turned 40 I had never been fitted for a bra, it was not something I felt I needed to do as I did not realise the importance of a well-fitting bra.  A director on a programme I was working on, sent me to get fitted, as I had to wear a corset for the part.  Now I get fitted every time I buy a new bra.  My husband comes with me, and waits outside, and has been caught on occasions giving other shoppers advice on their bras!!

Before I was fitted I thought that by wearing a larger bra in the band, it would make me look smaller, as it would mean that my boobs would sit lower.  However, the director that sent me to be fitted and then the lady who fitted me explained that if I wore the right size bra, it would sit my breasts in the right place, and would make her look slimmer all over, which I completely agree with.

I know realise how important it is to get regularly fitted as age and having children change your shape, your shape is constantly changing as you get older.

I was brought up in the 60's and 70', when Twiggy was huge as a model, and the trend for women was to be flat chested.  This meant that clothes were designed for a much smaller bust, and it was difficult to buy clothes to fit if you were a larger busted lady. 


What do you think are the most important factors to consider when buying a bra?

To me the right support and comfort are key in a bra but it also needs to be pretty.


Is there a particular bra in the Playtex range you like and why?

Lace Decor is my favourite Playtex bra, as it is supportive, comfortable, give a great shape - but also pretty.  The nice thing is that the straps and top of the bra are pretty, so even if they do show, it does not matter.  Again, times have changes, in the past you were not meant to show any part of your bra, but now it is ok to show the straps, so it is important that they are pretty.

 Lynda Bellingham in Playtex Lace Decor




Bra FItting

22 June 2011 News from Playtex

As the press keep telling us many ladies within the UK are currently wearing the wrong size bra.  It is not only important to wear the correct size bra to make you look and feel your best, it is also important as a poorly fitting bra can cause poor posture, which will lead to neck, shoulder and back ache. 

 Below are some common bra fit issues and what they mean – however to make sure you are wearing the best bra for you please visit a lingerie stockist for a professional fitting

The Bra Band

The band of the bra should be firm on you as this is where all the support of the bra comes from.

 The band should be level all the way around your body, as a guide you should only be able to fit 2 fingers inside the band when you are wearing the bra.  If the back of your bra is riding up then it means that the band is too big and you should go down a size.

When you try your new bra make sure you secure it to the loosest hook and eye, so that as the bra stretches through wash and wear you can more it along to the other fastenings.

If a bra is fitting correctly you may experience ‘back fat’ or overhang. To get the support you need, as stated above the band of the bra does need to be firm fitting and once you are dressed any overhang will not be noticeable.

The Straps

The shoulder straps should not be doing all the work of the bra, and if you have indents on your shoulders this is a common sign that the bra is not fitting correctly and the likely cause is the band being too big. 

The shoulder straps should be distributing the weight of the bust, and again you should only be able to fit 2 fingers under the straps. 

Another sign of the bra not fitting correctly is the shoulder straps slipping off; a lot of people think this is because they have slopping shoulders, but it is actually because their bra band is too loose

The Cups

The breasts should be fully encased within the cups of the bra, so you do not have any overspill at all.  If you look sideways onto the mirror the bra should sit flat against your chest, there should be no digging in on the breast at all.  If this happens the cups are too small.  If you have puckering in the cup, this means the cups are too big and you need to go down a cup size.

The Underwire

If you are wearing an underwired bra, the middle of the bra (the centre gore) should sit flat against the chest wall and separate the breasts.  The underwire should then follow the line of the bust, and sit behind the breast tissue, not on it. 

To check this you can push the end of the underwire, if you press it and it is hard you know it is sitting on the rib cage and fitting correctly.  If you push the underwire and it is soft and making your breast move, it means that the wire is sitting on the breast tissue and you need to go up a cup size.




Ruth Langsford looks stunning in Playtex!

20 April 2011 News from Playtex
We are excited to announce that we have a new Ambassador for Playtex! The fabulous TV presenter Ruth Langsford looks amazing modelling our latest stunning and super comfy designs! Eamonn Holmes’ glamorous wife, who turned 51 in March, shows off her fabulously feminine figure in our stylish and sophisticated shots that are a far cry from the usual celebrity lingerie shoot. Ruth shows off her fabulous curves in the Playtex Flower Lace underwired bra in black and the Playtex Lace Décor underwired bra in white.
 Ruth Langsford in Playtex Flower Lace underwire in BlackRuth Langsford in Playtex Lace Decor underwire
“I’m very excited to be working with Playtex, because I believe it’s about time women of my age group were given more visibility” comments Ruth. “I love being in my fifties, and while my body shape is changing, I still enjoy things like wearing sexy dresses, clothes shopping, going to the gym and feeling good about myself and my body. For me, Playtex have hit just the right balance between style, comfort, fit and a creating a fabulous shape.” 
Ruth embodies a new generation of confident, 50-something British women that Playtex is all about today. Two years of extensive research and talking to hundreds of British women has shown us at Playtex what modern, fashion-conscious, women want and are not currently getting. Over fifty years on, Playtex is here with a new look, new direction and a fabulous collection of bras designed especially for this new generation of women.
“I’ve teamed up with Playtex to prove once and for all that it’s possible to look and feel fabulous in your fifties!” says Ruth.
What do you think of Ruth becoming the Playtex Ambassador?