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Fitting Lynda Bellingham!

2 August 2011 News from Playtex

Our Playtex fitting expert Emma was lucky enough to meet Lynda Bellingham recently. Lynda was fitted into Playtex and loves our Lace Décor and Flower Lace. Whilst Emma was there she caught up with Lynda to talk about all things lingerie!

 Lynda Bellingham and our fitter Emma!

As we get older, our attitudes to fashion and our own body shapes change. How do you think yours have changed? And how do you continue to feel sexy as a 50+ woman?
I feel that my body has changed with age, and this includes my breasts which are now a different size to when I was younger. Also the skin on my chest is not as elastic as it once was.  In a bra I look for something to help correct and to help with the problems, as I want to look as good as I feel but do not what surgery.  I like pretty bras but they need to be supportive and comfortable. Ideally I like  bras that give a shape and structure but with soft edges.


Do you find bra buying a different experience as a 50+ woman compared to when you were younger? And if so, why?

When I was younger buying a bra was very different and much easier. I could just walk into a shop and pick up a bra that roughly fitted. I was looking for very different things from my lingerie then – it was all about cleavage. Now I want to look my best and this means it has to fit correctly and be supportive whilst giving a nice natural shape.

Until I turned 40 I had never been fitted for a bra, it was not something I felt I needed to do as I did not realise the importance of a well-fitting bra.  A director on a programme I was working on, sent me to get fitted, as I had to wear a corset for the part.  Now I get fitted every time I buy a new bra.  My husband comes with me, and waits outside, and has been caught on occasions giving other shoppers advice on their bras!!

Before I was fitted I thought that by wearing a larger bra in the band, it would make me look smaller, as it would mean that my boobs would sit lower.  However, the director that sent me to be fitted and then the lady who fitted me explained that if I wore the right size bra, it would sit my breasts in the right place, and would make her look slimmer all over, which I completely agree with.

I know realise how important it is to get regularly fitted as age and having children change your shape, your shape is constantly changing as you get older.

I was brought up in the 60's and 70', when Twiggy was huge as a model, and the trend for women was to be flat chested.  This meant that clothes were designed for a much smaller bust, and it was difficult to buy clothes to fit if you were a larger busted lady. 


What do you think are the most important factors to consider when buying a bra?

To me the right support and comfort are key in a bra but it also needs to be pretty.


Is there a particular bra in the Playtex range you like and why?

Lace Decor is my favourite Playtex bra, as it is supportive, comfortable, give a great shape - but also pretty.  The nice thing is that the straps and top of the bra are pretty, so even if they do show, it does not matter.  Again, times have changes, in the past you were not meant to show any part of your bra, but now it is ok to show the straps, so it is important that they are pretty.

 Lynda Bellingham in Playtex Lace Decor




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