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The shape of things to come

19 June 2012 News from Playtex

In celebration of Playtex's new innovation in shapewear, Objective 1 Size Down, Stella Journalist Leah Hardy has decided to test the claims of cm loss and cellulite reduction for herself by taking the 28-day challenge!

This extract is from Leah’s first report from her challenge in Stella magazine on 17th June 2012 “I was expecting to have to fight my way into them, but they slip on effortlessly. But the real miracle of Playtex Objective 1 Size Down is not just that it makes you instantly slimmer and firmer, but that it actually works to change your body. Rather than being just an instant solution, it offers long-term effects. In 28 days, cellulite can be reduced, and you can drop a centimetre from your hips and thighs.”

Objective 1 Size Down in Stella Magazine, 17th June 2012

Don’t miss the next update from Leah’s challenge in Stella magazine with the Sunday Telegraph on 24th June, with updates on how she is getting on every week until 15th July.

 Why not take the 28-day challenge yourself? Enter a competition to win a set of Objective 1 Size Down shapewear, at 

For more information on the Objective 1 Size Down range please click here

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