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Introducing Tonique Contour - The Bra that rewinds time!

29 February 2012 News from Playtex

Introducing Tonique Contour from Playtex - The bra that rewinds time and promises an instantly younger looking bust!

We’re delighted to reveal our new Playtex bra that promises you a younger, firmer looking bust and enhanced silhouette, WITH maximum comfort but WITHOUT underwire.

Tonique Contour from Playtex in black

The revolutionary new wireless innovation in our Tonique Contour bra uses patented technology to support your bust and enhance the natural shape of your chest.  For the first time, the groundbreaking new bra uses a clever ‘flexi-support’ panel, instead of an underwire, to lightly support the sides and underneath of your bust. And all this means you achieve a firmer, more youthful looking bust and enhanced silhouette.  What’s more, the gentle shape and light padding, promises maximum comfort for women everywhere.  
Tonique Contour from Playtex in skin
But don’t just take our word for it, we’ve tested it on real women in the UK and 97% liked the shape Tonique Contour gave their bust, 93% would recommend it to a friend, 80% agreed that it is more comfortable than a standard underwire bra and 70%* agree that the new Playtex Tonique Contour bra takes years off the look of their bust.

View the Tonique Contour here

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* Research conducted indepently amoungst women aged 40 to 60 years old during a month long trial in November 2011.

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Carole, 2 March 2012
when is it on sale and how to I buy it I live in Horsham West Sussex and I was last time measured 30EE
LESLEY, 3 March 2012
My nearest store is Louth Lincolnshire but your information on that town is Co. Louth in Ireland! Could you please advise the stockist in Louth, Lincs.
Irene, 4 March 2012
I tried this on in my local Debenhams as it sounded great. Unfortunately, although it was extremely comfortable, the cup did not fit properly (it was correct size). I have been advised in the past that, due to my bust shape, I need a balcony bra - are you likely to be producing one?
The Playtex Team, 5 March 2012
Hi Ladies Thanks for your comments. Carole - This bra is already on sale, you should be able to buy it from selected Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser stores or or Figleaves. As 30EE is not a standard UK bra size it might be worth getting fitted in store with Tonique to ensure you get the best fit. Lesley - Sorry about this. Your nearest stockist will be Eve & Ranshaw, Market Place, Louth, Lincs. We hope this helps. Irene - At the moment we have no plans to launch a Balcony style although we will feed this back to product development so watch this space! Thanks, The Playtex Team
Carol, 11 March 2012
Very comfortable bra - I've gone off underwired bras recently, but this is something different! Will be buyng another one!
Pauline, 12 March 2012
When I first saw the Tonique bra advertised I thought I recognised it as being like a Playtex bra I bought in Melbourne in 2010 and which I have been looking out for replacements ever since. I have looked in our Hse of Fraser and branch of John Lewis with no success. Finally looking on the net I find everywhere is out of stock. Will I ever be able to purchase it? Disappointed customer
The Playtex Team, 13 March 2012
Hi Pauline, sorry to hear your disappointed in not finding the Tonique Contour where you have shopped. We would recommend you try or if you prefer you can call our customer services team on 01475 504 175 and they will be able to help you. Thanks, The Playtex Team
Jules, 13 March 2012
Hi advertised for the voluptuous women but I can't find a size bigger than a 40 at the stockists advertised in daily mail can you help please? do you make it in a 42 D ??
The Playtex Team, 14 March 2012
Hi Jules, Thanks for your query. Currently the bra does not come in a 42 back, however the feedback from some ladies is that due to the amount of stretch in the fabric they have gone down a back size in this bra from their normal size. If possible we would recommend getting fitted in Tonique Contour to ensure you get the best fit possible. If not then it may be worth trying a 40 back in either a D or DD as this may well fit you. Thanks, The Playtex Team
sally , 23 March 2012
when you mention getting measured with TONIQUE CONTOUR what is this please
Vicki, 4 April 2012
I have e-mailed twice asking where I can buy the Tonique. My nearest stockist according to your website is Westagte in TS10 but they have had the signage for 4 weeks & no bras. Similar story in Middlesbrough TS1 - no stocks received. I need to try on first otherwise I'd buy on line. I have been looking to buy for weeks now - wherecan I find it???? PS why is the send button below in French?
Andree Trethewy, 8 April 2012
Hi. Have seen your advertisement for the new Tonique Contour bra, looks great, where can I find the black knickers shown in the advert along with the bra?
Lynne, 8 April 2012
Hi I am a very curvy lady and take a 36gg or 38 g cup. Will you be making a bra in this design to fit me and lots of ladies with a bigger cup than a F. Disapointed
Pamela Redpath, 8 April 2012
Don't think you are doing yourselves any favours by quoting Mary Portas.
Jo, 10 April 2012
This looks rather like the late, lamented Charnos BioForm - which went up to size 42DD. Please, please extend your range to include ladies of my size as it was the only bra I've ever had that hoisted everything skywards without trying to drive a wire through my armpit or sternum! I loved them so much that I bought most styles and colours but the survivors now only come out for highdays and holidays, so replacements needed urgently...
Vicki, 11 April 2012
Are The 'Playtex Team' going to reply to any more posts? It's nearly a month since you responded to anyone.
The Playtex Team , 18 April 2012
Hi Ladies, sorry for the delay in responding it seems our posting mechanism for the site is not working properly. We will respond on all of the above now. SALLY - when we say getting measured we mean getting correctly fitted so you get the best fit of this Tonique Contour bra that you can. The Playtex Team
The Playtex Team, 18 April 2012
To Vicky, sorry for the delay, I have not been passed your emails personally to check your nearest stockist. You can buy this product at many Debenhams stores as well as many independents in your area. If you would like more help finding a stockist please call customer services on 01475 504 175. Alternatively if you are on Facebook then you can private message us your address (Playtex UK & Ireland is our page name) and we can look into the beat local stockist for you. I hope this helps. Laura from The Playtex Team
The Playtex Team, 18 April 2012
Hi Lynne, we are working on extending the size range into larger cup sizes at the moment. It is taking longer than we had hoped as we want to make sure we can still provide the shape, support and comfort that you get in the current cup sizes (if not more) and in other Playtex bras. We realise it is not ideal to launch other cup sizes later but it is in our plans to launch additional sizes in the future. The Playtex Team
The Playtex Team, 18 April 2012
Hi Jo, we currently go up to a 40F and as you have pointed out not a 42. Although we have had feedback from some customers that due to the way this bra fits and the fabrics used that some people can wear a different size than in normal bras. It may be possible that a 40DD or 40 E may give you a great fit in this product. You can either use the 'Where to find us' page or call customer services to find your nearest stockist to get fitted in the bra (01475 504 175). We hope this helps. The Playtex Team
Pat Hougham, 19 April 2012
I have found that this new plastic support is heavy and uncomfortable and do not agree that this is the most comfortable bra you can wear. I am very disappointed with it and would not have bought it as it is also very unattractive in appearance. £30 is a lot to invest for something that will stay in the drawer.
The Playtex Team, 20 April 2012
Hi Pat, Thank you very much for your feedback on the product. We are sorry that this product was not as you expected, we do take all customer comments on board so thank you for letting us know your experience. The Playtex Team
sharon, 20 April 2012
I am pleased with the new replacement for underwiring and agree it is MUCH more comfortable. I used to wear a sports bra most of the time to avoid the dreaded underwiring. However as a 34F I do not really need padding as it makes me feel as if my bust goes under my armpits! Are you bringing out a non padded version please with similar support technoligy.
The Playtex Team, 24 April 2012
Hi Sharon, thanks for your feedback. It is great to have feedback like this that we can pass back to our new product development team. Thanks for your comment. The Playtex Team
Biia, 26 April 2012
Thanks for keeping us curvy girls alawys in fashion! Recently ordered a few bras from Playtex online. It can be hard to find 44D in stores (you can relate, right?), so when I happened upon a major sale and well-fitting bras, I was pumped! P.S. Love the bra finder on no more searching endless pages to find the half a dozen styles they carry in my size!Much love!
Suwimon, 26 April 2012
Oh come on are you telling me you would not wear the befauitul bra listed above? Don't you think it would be comfortable? I mean having that tassle softly brushing against your skin ooohhh I can just feel the comfort (HA!)Can you imagine if every person in a small town received $100, 000 (we are not being greedy) and the difference it would make in their lives. A bra or making a tremendous difference in thousands of peoples lives oh the decision is so hard!
Mahesh, 26 April 2012
Eh, I mean . . . er . . . but . . . what? Why? It's designed to lift and sertpaae: lift your wallet and sertpaae you from your cash. Well, at least you can show if off to all your friends when you go out . . . no, wait. Huh?
Yuka, 26 April 2012
I swear by the playtex unewidrre alternative nursing bras! I have used them through all of my nursing years and I find that they work the best for me. They aren't very expensive either. They are also very durable, so you're not having to buy a new one every few months!I hope this helps.References : Mom of three with one on the way.
Samata, 26 April 2012
HECK NO! LOL! Unfortunately, they are all good until you wash them the first time. I never put mine in the dryer but they all fell apart anyways.From paneorsl experience never shop at motherhood maternity. Their clothes are cheaply made basically to last 6-9 months, if even that long!References :
Rosine, 28 April 2012
I looked at the time and you are on the East coast, I am on the West coast, so that damn nunisrg bra must be bugging the shit out of you to keep you up so late, are you still wearing it? Thanks to you, I won't be able to go to sleep soon because I'm laughing my ass off!! I never buy bras at Target, not sure why, maybe it just doesn't seem like a "bra store". So, even though I can't go to sleep now because I'm laughing, it was worth it!!
The Playtex Team, 30 April 2012
Hi Ladies, thanks for all your comments. Please note however that this is the UK site and we have no links at all to any Playtex company or product outside of Europe. In the UK do not sell nursing bras. If you have comments on the products sold in the USA and would like responses to those comments please make sure to go to the US site. Thanks, The Playtex Team (UK)
Jane, 1 May 2012
Have to admit got fitted for the Tonique Contour (36DD) and felt it was the most comfortable bra I'd ever worn. I then told my friends, raving about how comfortable it was. I mean I bought 3 of them in a month. BUT now I take it all back. Within 4 months all 3 have snapped. 2 of them while wearing them. NOT happy. I won't be buying Playtex again and will be telling my friends I retract all I said. Shame as they really were comfortable.
The Playtex Team, 1 May 2012
Hi Jane. Sorry to hear that the Tonique bras you have purchased have now snapped and are not wearable. Please contact our customer service department on 01475 504 175 and they will look into the problem you have had with you. We hope we can sort this problem out for you so you can enjoy Playtex bras again. The Playtex Team
Sally, 25 May 2012
Can you tell where is the nearest stockist to Halifax, W Yorkshire? Thank you!
The Playtex Team, 30 May 2012
Hi Sally, the nearest Tonique Contour stockist to Halifax is Brief Encounter, 20 West Park Street, Brighouse. We hope this helps. The Playtex Team
gianna, 21 June 2012
hi whilst the bra was comfortable it only lasted two months before the plastic support bits broke into three bits, even though I religiously followed the washing instructions. is there an address i can send the bra back to so that you can see whether or not it was a faulty batch or a design fault.
The Playtex Team, 27 June 2012
Hi Gianna, sorry to hear you have had this problem with the Tonique Contour bra. If you call our customer services department on 01475 504175 they will be able to speak to you about returning the product and will replace it for you. The Playtex Team
Theresa, 5 July 2012
I have had my Tonique Contour bra since mid May and, like Gianna, the support has broken (on one side) despite careful hand washing. I bought mine through Next- and I don't want another one! I will try and get a refund and replace it with a traditional underwired bra. I actually found the bra quite uncomfortable and wasn't that happy with the shape.
The Playtex Team, 6 July 2012
Hi Theresa, sorry to hear this has happened to you. If you contact our customer services team on 01475 504175 they will be able to arrange a refund for you. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thanks, The Playtex Team
Gillian, 27 July 2012
I purchased a Tonique Contour bra mid April this year and was delighted with the bra, being the most comfortable bra I have ever purchased. However, both support bands have snapped, even though I have not worn it much as keep it for best! I have tried to contact your customer services this afternoon but office closed - any other advice or address that I can return product and get a refund?
Hazel, 30 July 2012
I bought one of these bras in March and a couple of months later the moulding broke in two. Playtex replaced the bra for me and assured me it was just a blip. The same thing has now happened to the replacement bra received only a few weeks ago. Had intended buying another but it begins to sound like a design fault. Pity.
zena, 30 July 2012
have brought two of your contour bras and one has both mouldings broken really love the fit can you help me please thanks
The Playtex Team, 31 July 2012
Hi Gillian and Zena, I am sorry to hear that you have had problems with your bras . The Customer Services team is available 9-5 Monday to Thursday and 9 - 12 on Fridays on 01475504175. They will be able to help you. Thanks, The Playtex Team
The Playtex Team, 31 July 2012
Hi Hazel, We are sorry to hear that your replacement has also snapped. We have had a very low level of complaints of this nature and have carried out 'Wash & Wear' tests to ensure that the bra design is suitable for purpose. The results show that machine washing/drying the bra can damange the insert, which is why the label in bra says to handwash (all handwash/wear tests were completed with no breakages). If you would like to contact customer services on 01475 504 175 they will be able to help you with replacement or refund on the bra. Thanks, The Playtex Team
Diane Cole, 21 August 2012
I have bought a Playtex Tonique bra because I wanted to get away from underwires and I have to say that it is the most uncomfortable bra I have ever tried. Unfortuneatly, I could not return it to Debenhams in Crawley as they will not accept bras back if the sales label has been removed, so will give it to the charity shop and hope someone else may be able to use it.
Christine, 14 September 2012
I am extremely disappointed in my Tonique Contour bra. After wearing it a couple of times it seemed to become extremely uncomfy. This week one of the plastic mouldings snapped which is bad considering how expensive the bra was to buy.
The Playtex Team, 20 September 2012
Hi Christine & Diane, I am sorry to hear that you have had problems with your Tonique Contour bras . The Customer Services team is available 9-5 Monday to Thursday and 9 - 12 on Fridays on 01475 504 175. They will be able to help you either with replacments or refunds. Thanks, The Playtex Team
Marie Munce, 22 September 2012
I bought 4 of these bras and loved the way they held by breast's up but unfortunately I am left with one bra that the hard plastic has not broke and am extremely disappointed as I paid a lot of money at Debnems for them and I only got a few weeks wear out of them. I specially got measured for them and the fitted me so well, but I wont be buying any more playtex!
blog_admin, 24 September 2012
Hi Marie, We are really sorry to hear that you have had problems with your Tonique Contour bras, this should not be happening. The Customer Services team is available 9-5 Monday to Thursday and 9 - 12 on Fridays on 01475 504 175. They will be able to help you either with replacements or refunds, if you would prefer us to contact you please use the email option on the 'Contact Us' page of the website. Again apologise for the inconvenience. Thanks, The Playtex Team
Janet, 29 September 2012
I have had 6 of theses bras 2 replaced one a refund now I have had a replacement I have worn about 10 times which once more the right cup support has snapped in the same place as the other 3 at 30 ponds per bra this is really bad they were hand washed and dried naturally it must be a major design fault or they just are not designed for e cup people really comfortable but expensive as keep returning them costs £5 each another £5 on the bra cost it is realy bad.


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