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Sensual lingerie

Nothing makes you feel sexy like knowing your lingerie is too. Whatever your relationship with underwear, whether you call them bottoms, briefs or knickers, feeling sexy underneath your jeans make ladies everywhere feel more confident. Women come in all shapes and sizes and so do our bottoms, making our large collection of styles both exclusive yet versatile. We understand that every woman’s style is different, and therefore so is our lingerie. Whether you opt for casual shorts, floral briefs or take the plunge with something slinky and black, our collection has everything you could possibly want. From young girls we are all encouraged to find our own sense of style and discover what makes us feel our best, and at Playtex we understand that whether you're skinny and athletic or curvy with a waist, you should all be able to expect the same thing from your underwear.

Briefs for all women

Treat yourself with something that makes you feel gorgeous in your own way. Whether your style is classic, retro or eclectic, as we become women some of us find we need extra support and comfort but this should never be at the expense of our confidence. If your undergarments are the only splash of colour in your working day then take a look at our bright bottoms, and for those who need something more demure check out our nude knickers. Our wide range of briefs both practicality and glamour will give you whatever it is you are looking for from your undergarments. Get shopping now and give yourself some luxury.