Lace bras.

Lace bras

Discover the Playtex lace bras
for elegant support and a feminine look

Add some exquisite elegance to your wardrobe !

At Playtex, we design several collections to please our customers and meet their needs. You will find the most sumptuous lace bras within our Playtex collections: Flower Elegance, Invisible Elegance, Cross your Heart and Invisible Elegance Lace Lingerie is an important component of your wardrobe and will blend beautifully into your lingerie drawer.

The Flower Elegance bras embody translucency, with opalescent tulle covering the cups. They are lined cups, covered with embroidered tulle and delicate leafy lace. This lace bra will bring your vibrant feminine side to life. A proposal for all women who want contemporary refinement ! For a perfect appealing look, you can pair this bra to the coordinated panty. The iconic Playtex Cross your Heart collection includes some lace lingerie from the line. You will be able to combine femininity and unmatched support with the X system. It will provide you with the ultimate comfort: the U-shaped back and elasticated straps for a seamless fit. And that's not all! Tulle satin and lace covering the cups gives extra style to these lace bras. For an elegant silhouette, pair your lace bra with the matching Midi and Maxi panties from the same collection.

Treat yourself with some Invisible & Flower Elegance

Discover ultra-thin, invisible lace bras from the Invisible Elegance line. It dresses you with refinement and discretion all day long. Your femininity will be perfectly enhanced by delicate lace with floral designs. It is truly invisible under your clothes and ultra stretchy. Comfortably designed with soft frames, U-shaped back and microfiber material, this lace underwear will make a pampering bra by advantageously shaping your chest. Bring some chic and discretion with you this season! For a perfect look, combine this bra with the matching panty.

The Flower Elegance collection combines the best of elegance and sophistication at the same time. With delicate and sparkling lace, it offers extreme femininity through floral decorations. You will be impressed by the comfort it provides in any situation. Lined underwired cups, fluffy microfiber, elasticated shoulder straps and a U-shaped back are the main features of this beautiful collection. The summary of quality offered by the Playtex corsetry ! Available in a range of 9 colours plus multi-coloured bras with the following features: adjustable straps decorated with lace, shiny lace with flower designs on cups, silky microfiber.

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