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What bra should you wear when you have back pains?

Do you have any trouble keeping your back straight and sometimes even have back pains? It might have something to do with your bra. Indeed, if you wear a bra that does not fit your needs, you may experience pain and it may result in a bad posture. Thus, it is extremely important to choose the right bra for you but also in the right size. In order to make sure you are wearing the right bra size, you can use our guide size available on the official store. In general, if your chest feels compressed and your shoulder straps so tight that they tend to mark your skin, your bra is too small. If, on the other hand, your chest doesn’t feel supported and your bra tends to fold at some areas, your bra might be too large for you. Your bad posture and discomfort might be a simple consequence of a size you didn’t change throughout the years.

However, bad posture can also be explained through various reasons: bad work habits, repetitive movements, heavy breasts or more serious medical conditions which cause back pains. To protect your back, Playtex has created a bra line that corrects your posture by straightening your shoulders: Ideal Posture. With time, wearing an Ideal Posture bra will ease your back pain and correct your posture.


The Ideal Posture front closure bra is the perfect bra to correct your posture

Thanks to its 90 years lingerie experience, the Playtex brand has created the perfect posture corrector bra. Already used to creating bras for women with curves who seek support, comfort but also elegance, a posture corrector bra is the answer for a lot of women who experience bad posture and/or back pains. It exists two Ideal Posture bras, one available in black and the other one in antique white. They both have the same design with a front fastening, full coverage wired free cups and wide shoulder straps which bring comfort and convenience. The way this posture corrector bra works is with a crossed back made in Powernet fabric that pulls the shoulders back and correct the posture.

While being highly functional and comfortable, the Playtex’s posture corrector bra is also an elegant bra with feminine touches. Its graphic lace in the front brings a modern and glamour result which will convince anyone that this bra is as much a functional product as a glamourous piece of lingerie. In terms of size, you can find this front opening bra in sizes starting from 34B to 44DD and pair it with a lace knicker from the same Ideal Posture collection.