Discover the Playtex girdles for excellent shaping power

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7 results
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Sculpt your body with a Playtex girdle

If you know our midi briefs, be tempted by our sculpting and toning briefs that will hug your figure and highlight your curves. Our shapewear hugs, tones and slims the stomach without being too tight, and is making its comeback to your wardrobes! The shaping and sculpting briefs are also worn by celebrities for a retro, glam and ultra-feminine look. Slim down your stomach, hips and bottom everyday with an elegant style in cotton.
Our shaping briefs are modern and will quickly become a wardrobe staple. Our shapewear is available in all sorts of different, slimming styles for a flat stomach effect. Every zone will be slimmed down with our shapewear. For a romantic touch, fall for our stomach controlling briefs or slimming lace knickers that will make you feel feminine. If you’re looking for something that will sculpt your body or you wish to wear more form-fitting clothing, our women’s girdles will be your ally. Do you want to control those curves? Wear our slimming plus-size girdle. At Playtex, our discreet stomach controlling girdles are thought out for you and every day life. This is why online or in store we offer you a wide range of slimming women’s briefs. We know that summer means light and breathable fabrics, and our stomach controlling briefs will be a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for women's briefs, lace knickers, stomach controlling women’s girdles, or just slimming briefs, you will find the perfect piece for your wardrobe, there’s a Playtex style for every woman.


A sculpted figure in a form-fitting outfit

Featuring a higher waist than briefs, the stomach controlling briefs are the perfect slimming ally to control your curves. The lifting effect of our shapewear will slim down and smoothen out your figure. As well as being sculpting and slimming, these shaping briefs can double-up as women’s cotton stretch underwear, you’ll love how comfortable they are. It will sculpt all while remaining discreet under form-fitting tops, dresses and figure-hugging trousers.
Whatever the high waist shaping briefs you are looking for amongst our new arrivals, you will find them on or in store. When it comes to colours, whether you’re looking for timeless black, elegant white or discreet nude shades, with or without lace, you will find the perfect shaping briefs to create that hourglass figure. When you slip on a pair of high waist briefs or maxi briefs in cotton or dense microfibre, you will get a toning and slimming effect! We have used our corsetier savoir-faire to create slimming pieces of lingerie, that remain invisible and feminine under clothing, in multiple colours. The sculpting briefs in cotton will flatter your body shape and is so light that it will feel like a second skin.
Discover in store our favourite slimming briefs in our new collection that boasts incomparable comfort and support, they will elongate your frame and create a toned body – you will be thrilled with your purchase!
Whether you’re looking to tone down the top and lower part of your bust with a sculpting body for women, slimming down under a form-fitting outfit with a sculpting body, or even out your curves with our sculpting plus size body, there is shapewear to fit your mood. A women’s wardrobe is made up of different pieces, we recommend a girdle for every one of them. Under a pair of trousers to sculpt your stomach, hips and thighs, discreet shaping briefs are the best. A pair of jeans will be flattering with a pair of high waist shaping briefs. All you have to do is choose amongst the different styles on our website, a sculpting stomach controlling body to go with your favourite dress, shaping briefs under a long fitted skirt, shaping briefs to make those trousers comfier, seamless briefs under a shorter skirt or a plus size girdle that will suit all figures. You’ve got the message, Playtex’s shapewear will flatter all women!