Underwired bras

Underwired bras

Discover the Playtex Underwired bras

A large collection of underwire bras

Our underwired bras are very comfortable and perfect for everyday wear while also being modern and including a variety of colours, designs and sizes with our many collections. The lingerie we sell is very affordable meaning you can look good, but not have to splash out a ton of money! Our bras include elasticated, adjustable straps as well as 3D-Knit micro fiber, meaning they are perfectly moulded to your bust size and shape giving you support. We understand that all women are different and therefore have different needs.

What item is right for me?

There is an underwired bra for everyone! Style it up and wear an embroidered or floral garment to give a unique look through sheer shirts. If that doesn't suit your fancy we have a huge range that is available. If you are just looking for something simple and plain for your daily underwear, look no further; our Flower Elegance collection is perfect for you. Looking for something more sensual? We have you covered too. Our Invisible Elegance selection has a range of sensual and feminine underwire bras and briefs which come in a variety of colours. The sheer fabric is wonderful for someone wanting a more elegant style of lingerie. However, it still lets your skin breathe meaning beauty doesn't always have to equal pain. As you can see, Playtex suits a variety of needs and whatever you're looking for we are bound to have. Comfort, Style and affordability; what else could you be looking for?

Bring some glamour in your daily life!

Whichever bra size you need, the underwired bra is your best ally and will soon become one of your favourites! Indeed, it has all the assets to become a wardrobe essential. The underwired bra is a true godsend that ensures daily comfort. It shapes the bust with a bouncy effect. Our wide selection of lace bras consists of several sizes of bra cups as well as small cups. For optimal results, make sure you measure your size to choose the bra fit that suits your breast shape. For this, we invite you to visit our Size Guide page and follow the instructions to calculate your bra size. Once you have selected your measurements, your bra size will appear.

You can then choose from several models of underwired bras: the strapless bra, the balconette bra for greater comfort, the bra with lace details to allow fantasy and enhance your cleavage.

And of course, wearing a beautiful lingerie set can boost your confidence, which is why Playtex offers a wide selection of underwired bras in bright colours for daily glamour and elegance. As for the strapless bra, it ensures perfect invisibility under a strapless dress or a fine lace top.

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