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Playtex Frequently Asked Questions section is here to answer all the questions you may have regarding the Playtex brand and its products.

Find an answer to all your questions with the new Frequently Asked Questions, also called FAQ, support section on the website. Discover the story of the Playtex brand, from its creation in 1947 to its star products which focus on support and elegance in the Playtex Universe section. Enjoy the size guide section which will help you choose the right size for you and especially the right bra size so you can feel comfortable and supported all day long. Our FAQ section will also guide you through our products. First with our lingerie lines, such as the iconic Cross Your Heart and Ideal Posture, our prices and discounts, our availabilities but also our tips regarding the use and maintenance of our products. Finally, if you have any questions regarding our brand commitments, you may go to the CSR section of the FAQ for some answers.

How to track your order, manage your account or ask for a return? Let our Playtex FAQ guide you!

Are you looking for information on your account or your order ? You’ll also find what you’re looking for in our Playtex FAQ. In the section My account you will find any information related to account creation, personal data management and the Playtex newsletters to follow all of Playtex’s latest news and offers. If, however, what you want to know is related to your order, like “how can I place an order on” or “how can I track, modify or cancel my order?” you can go to the My order section. It’s also in My order that you may find information on promotions but also on the payment and invoices of your orders. Finally, you can head to the section Delivery and Returns, if you seek information on our delivery details and our returns and refunds policy.
It’s quite simple, no matter what question you have regarding the Playtex brand or its websites, the FAQ will help you answer them!

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