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We are no longer on sale. Come back on June 2022 for our summer sales.
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7 results
7 results
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Women's knickers on sale!

Playtex offers many shapes of knickers for women who want comfort for elegance! Being comfortable in your feminine underwear is very important for all day wear. From feminine shorties to comfortable knickers, through high waist knickers, Playtex has perfected the basic, modern and chic styles, mixing lace, cotton and microfibre. So take advantage of the Playtex lingerie sale to stock up on lingerie for your dressing room! Playtex Sales are here to please you by buying new women's underwear at a lower cost! Want to refine your silhouette? Crack on the flat stomach knickers that will effectively erase your little stomach, you will make the purchase of a sure value from Playtex. If you want comfort while enhancing the shape of your hips, opt for Playtex stretch cotton knickers: very comfortable, these knickers will ensure that your hips are wrapped in absolute softness at low prices with these women's knickers and boxers sold in packs of 2 or 3 pieces, all at a discount, so why not take out your credit card?

Women's knickers & boxers at low prices.

Whether you want a lace shorty or cotton knickers, take advantage of Playtex discounts to fill your underwear drawer. Whether it's a black knicker for a refined look or a woman's brief in cotton with floral motifs, Playtex allows you to offer yourself cheap knickers to feel good in your body and free to move all day long! If you are looking for invisible knickers, discover the boyshorts and knickers from the Invisible Elegance line, thanks to its seams and flat lace, you will have no VPLs! Don't forget that all lower body shapes: women's boxer shorts, full knickers or bikini knickers, can be matched with Playtex bras on sale. So take advantage of the sales to offer yourself a set of underwear at a lower price: in cotton or lace, a wide choice is available during the sales. The collections have been designed to give you the choice of styles and materials, from size 10 to 22.